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Passenger drones have emerged as a highly promising trend in today’s world, revolutionizing short-distance travel with their convenience and efficiency. With a maximum range of 400 kilometers, these aerial vehicles are quickly gaining popularity and attracting attention from regulators worldwide. As regulations are being established to govern the flight of these small aircraft, intensive research and development efforts are underway globally, with numerous major companies and start-ups unveiling their passenger drone concepts and prototypes.

One of the key advantages of passenger drones is their positive environmental impact. Equipped with electric motors, they significantly reduce emissions and minimize their ecological footprint. In stark contrast to traditional aircraft that rely on combustible fuels, passenger drones utilize clean energy sources, contributing to improved air quality and reduced noise levels.


At “Geodomas”, we strive to stay at the forefront of current trends by spearheading a unique passenger drone project. Our visionary endeavor is designed to accommodate 4 to 8 individuals and boasts a fully aerodynamic structure with a panoramic 360-degree view. Passengers aboard our drones can relish breathtaking sights and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, with the flexibility to land at any convenient location. This mode of transportation is specifically tailored for use in non-urban environments, providing a truly remarkable experience.

The distinguishing feature of our concept lies in the development of innovative mechanisms that align with contemporary trends and cutting-edge technologies. However, the realization of our project hinges on the advent of new energy solutions, enabling us to incorporate the finest engines and systems capable of providing ample power for our designs. Fortunately, a multitude of alternative energy sources are available today, and we are optimistic about developing suitable technologies that facilitate their utilization in our pioneering passenger drones.


Currently, our team is actively engaged in mechanical engineering, design, and various technological domains, meticulously analyzing the market and monitoring emerging trends. We eagerly anticipate the availability of suitable energy carriers that will enable our groundbreaking developments to effectively traverse distances of up to 400 kilometers. Additionally, we have established collaborations with an esteemed aerodynamics institute and developers specializing in various types of drones. Through these partnerships, we are exploring the adaptation of navigation systems, cockpit equipment, drone control systems, and all-electrical automated systems.

Safety is a paramount concern for our project. To ensure passenger well-being even in extreme situations, we have partnered with experts to develop an overhead parachute compartment. In the event of any unforeseen issues, a specially designed parachute capsule will be activated, enabling the drone to land safely on the ground, safeguarding the lives of those onboard.

It is important to note that our technology is exclusively developed for civil aviation purposes, and we do not engage in collaborations with the military industry. Our vision is centered around enhancing and improving people’s everyday lives.


As “Geodomas”, we actively seek partners and investors who share our unwavering enthusiasm for advanced technology and environmental sustainability. We welcome collaboration with companies possessing the financial and technological resources required to support our ambitious goals. Partnering with us offers an opportunity to be at the forefront of advanced passenger drone technology and have a direct influence on the future of air mobility. We encourage interested parties to contact us to explore investment opportunities and potential collaborations in bringing our ambitious vision to fruition. Together, we can shape the future of transportation and make a positive impact on the world we live in.



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