Creating a relaxing atmosphere as you enjoy the beauty is unlimited. Even with the little weight of the mobile construction the float was perfectly stable. The floats are one welded unit containing the load bearing frame made up of Aluminium G-sections reaching all the way round as well as the actual floats.

THEMATIC RECREATION COMPLEX “WORLD of DIASPORAS” recreates real generalized visual images of the cultural space of the Jewish Diaspora of various countries and continents, and arranges travel for visitors simulated it the Jewish world

The proposed tour introduces visitors to the world of Jewish culture in its diversity and variability of local cultural traditions, with сunique in terms of duration and geographical scope of the history of the Jewish people, and through her various stages of development of the entire human civilization.

  • Presentation of a unified and diverse Jewish culture, to demonstrate a continuous connection of hundreds Jews generations of different regional communities in the Land of Israel and its spiritual center of Jerusalem
  • Development of national identity as citizens of both Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora
  • Creating an atmosphere of interest and tolerance for cultural traditions of Jewish communities of different diasporas
  • Initiation of our children to their own national roots and strengthen their relationship with the Land of Israel

Park pavilions are designed with the zero balance of energy – almost do not depend on centralized power and heating systems, and can function completely autonomously and to produce heat and electricity for their own needs independently. When designing the pavilions are also used special ventilation system and rainwater harvesting, apply the elements of solar architecture and a number of other decisions.

  • economic: 25% less than the cost of construction for the same amount of space in comparison with the usual “box”;
  • technological: the dome achieves the highest strength with a minimum number of construction operations, the seismic stability of the dome – more than 9 points! Speed of construction – 15 weeks;
  • aesthetic and ergonomic: the dome does not need a load-bearing walls to support the ceiling, creating a harmony of space, excellent acoustics and reducing the required sources of lighting the dome fits easily into any landscape without disturbing the harmony;
  • maintenance: heat loss to the dome a quarter less. In addition, the streamlined shape of the dome gives the savings in heating and air conditioning to 30%, and energy-saving technologies – solar collector hot water, geothermal climate systems and low voltage lighting equipment for solar cells – reduces payments for operating accounts to 70%.

We ship resort structures around the world for all kinds of purposes. No matter where your resort or camp is located – whether on water, rocks, desert, sand, grassy plains, tropical beach, ice field or dense rainforest – we will ensure that it is designed, built and built to be environmentally and economically sustainable, secure and durable.



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