50m2 Mobile school Room Ø8m | Jonavas Paneris Primary


The goal of a modern school is to educate a critical-thinking, brave, resourceful, communicative person. The teacher must awaken in students curiosity, creativity, openness, and the desire to find an answer to every unknown question.

The students of Jonavas Paneris Primary School will no longer have part of their lessons in regular classrooms, but in an outdoor classroom. They built a dome in the yard, which has electricity, a projector, heating and ventilation systems, internet, modern benches, and tools needed for classes. The dome was installed with the funds of the Quality Basket, and the gathered community of parents also helped with the landscaping of the dome. The principal of the primary school is convinced that this will be a great motivation for learning.


The idea of the class was science, observations, experiments, but next to that, all other classes can do this, for example, the elementary students have some laboratory equipment that they can use in the outdoor classroom


You can find eco-friendly, sustainable, and locally made and grown products on shelves in almost every store these days. So perhaps it’s no surprise that some people want to make the buildings themselves more in tune with the environment, too. Or it could simply be that people just really like the idea of living inside giant soccer balls, which is what geodesic domes look like. In short, geodesic domes are structures that look like half spheres made up of many triangle supports.


We offer comprehensive design services, from idea to realization. Each project begins with a concept, continues with the design and preparation of dome project documentation, and ends with an implementation plan and details. During the project, we check the value of the investment by stage and prepare an implementation schedule.

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