Training Riding Hall Dome 452m2 Ø24m & Garage Dome 10x10m 200m2


Rodeo Arena & Horse Barns in One | 490m2 Ø24 H10

Dome rodeo arena can be designed in virtually any size, from a diameter of 100 feet with seating for hundreds to a diameter of 300 feet with seating for thousands. In addition to general seating, accommodations could include luxury skyboxes, announcer and media booths, and offices—all with handicap access. Dome indoor athletic practice facility would make great horse or rodeo arenas.

Then too, GEODOMAS Dome is virtually maintenance free and will last for centuries, saving you money during decades of use.

Rodeo Arena & Horse Barns in One | 490m2 Ø24 H10

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GEODOMAS Dome is energy efficient. Its superior insulation allows the dome to be heated or cooled with less energy than other structure types of a similar size.

Versatility: These days, arenas offer a lot more than rodeo events. The most popular ones include restaurants, bars and dance floors. GEODOMAS Dome can easily be designed with any or all of these. It can even be designed to host concerts and sporting events in addition to rodeo.

We further certify that Structural analysis: structure loads, wind loads according to applicable LST EN 1991 –  Eurocode 1: Actions on structures.

During istallation period structure doesn’t have bad influence for nearby territories. All distances between construction and  buildings in other holdings meets fire safety and sanitary norms.

Additional Info

Object address: Ledziny, Poland
Technologies: Steel frame elements, Membrane cover, Off-Season wall, Acoustic interior membrane, Thermo membrane, O-Door, Tunel
Project date: 2014-2015
Floor area, m2: 452+200
Cover area, m2: 900+420
Geometry type: Icosahedron, Octahedral




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