183m2 Ø11m Glass Dome


Dome shapes may be adapted for residential construction as well. People who are looking for a natural and harmonious space for life choose dome houses. In such houses, authentic interior solutions are implemented, and the possibilities of using light are unlimited. We can also build residential houses of the highest standard of energy efficiency for people of the northern region, and laconic homes of light structures for people living in the south. We offer a wide selection of constructions and coatings for dome houses.


In fact, the geodesic dome has the highest ratio of enclosed volume to weight of any man made structure. This allows less heat to escape through he walls in the winter and less air-conditioned air to escape in the summer. Additionally, the aerodynamics of the rounded walls force air to travel efficiently around rather than bouncing off of walls, keeping energy consumption to a minimum.


We ship resort structures around the world for all kinds of purposes. No matter where your resort or camp is located – whether on water, rocks, desert, sand, grassy plains, tropical beach, ice field or dense rainforest – we will ensure that it is designed, built and built to be environmentally and economically sustainable, secure and durable.


Geodesic domes (and the homes based on those designs) are extremely efficient and inexpensive. Those traits, when considered in the context of today’s economic and environmental issues, mean domes are enjoying the kind of popularity not seen since their heyday in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Many communities throughout the world boast geodesic domes, either as homes or as commercial structures, and you can’t miss them — they’re so futuristic-looking that they make it seem like an alien mothership has landed and begun a planetary takeover.

We design according to LR STR and EN Euro code requirements. Documentation and drawings can be translated to RU, EN, LV, FI, SP, IT, DK, AZ or other languages. Projects are adjusted to Russian Federation SNiP and SP standards. We are working both in Lithuania and abroad.

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